Foot meatloaf

I don’t actually enjoy cooking. It is a lot of work, it makes a mess, it has to be done over and over again, and what takes a long time to create is consumed in minutes. Since I don’t love being saddled to the kitchen, I get creative in my cooking. I think it creates memories (trauma) for my children and it makes the whole process bearable.2015-02-25-20-12-43.jpg

Such was the case on the night of the footloaf. I made meatloaf using a standard recipe. Then I added some vegetables to hide them from the kids who thought they were eating a “meat” loaf. Instead of plopping it in a pan, I sculpted it into a foot. I particularly like the potato chip toenails. It lost some of it’s grossness after being baked because it looked less fleshy, but it made a memorable meal out of something ordinary.

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