Bookcase with a Stand

I believe this was the top of a forest green hutch. I wanted a plant shelf and bookcase for work, so I took it apart, added a base, repainted it and tiled the top with scrap tile. It was composite wood rather than real wood, which I don’t love, but it was free. I also attempted to spell “Hope” using letters from magazines and a butterfly for the “O”, but unless you know that it looks like “hep” which is less inspirational.

bookcase from hutch

It has functioned well over the last year, but one of the problems with a bookcase is the lowest shelf is always underused because it is more difficult to get to. The natural solution then was to put a base on it.

As I had some extra table legs scrapped from a project my brother was working on, I built a frame the size of the base of the bookcase. For the back legs, I used some scrap 2×3’s and cut an angle on them so they would look less like scrap 2×3’s. Then to finish it, I made a table top from a stair tread. I thought about piecing a top together, but I’ve very little free time these days and it’s best not to push deadlines.

The stair tread is only rounded on the front, so I did have to use a router to replicate the curve of the nosing on the two ends of the tread. Then it was a matter of sanding it and coating it in a finish of minwax. (pecan, though I think it would have been more red if I would have stirred it better)

I painted the base legs and frame the same red as the bookcase (it’s called chipotle) and then attached the table top to the base.

bench base

As you can see by the messy image taken in the garage it would have been a lovely bench and just the right height, but its purpose was as a base and so today a base it became. It is hard to get a good picture of it because there are so many windows in the room where it sits, but I came in early one day to get some work done and it was still dark out, so this is probably as good as it gets.

bookcase on stand


The one plant could use a little loving, but I may have forgotten to water it before I went on break for a week. It should snap out of it somewhat. Oh, and I finally found a place for that mysterious grey box.




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