Book 2 – Finally

Paradise  book 2 Cover.jpgI have finally finished the second book in the Paradise Series and it is called … PARADISE. Pretty creative, right? If you are interested, it is available at in a Kindle version or Print. I would recommend the Kindle version unless you are one of those people who has to have a book in your hands.

I have included links to the book in the paragraph above because if you merely type “Paradise” into the search bar, Toni Morrison, John Milton and a bunch of other authors seem to have a corner on the market for the title. Among them are the authors and creators of a miniseries known as The Paradise, which is also available on Netflix and I quite enjoyed, but has nothing to do with my book. Typing in “Paradise, Denise Sagers” will also bring up the correct book.

As I mentioned, I probably should have been a bit more creative in the title, but the story takes place in Paradise, Utah. What would you have called it?

The story picks up in the year 2003, the same year protagonist Melanie was sent back in time by an antique pocket watch from an unknown source. As she reviews entries in her diary, the reader is taken back to the year 1858 – the same year when Before Paradise (the first book in the series) ends. Matthew – Melanie’s Fiance – is still recovering from his near-death experience after being attacked by a vicious neighbor.

While I really enjoyed writing this book, you should recognize if you didn’t have a fondness for the first book in the series, I doubt you will find any redeeming qualities in the second book; new obstacles and new resolutions, but same characters, same time period, continuation of the same story line by the same author. It don’t imagine it will every be numbered among the works of the literary geniuses, but I do think it will serve its purpose – as entertainment.

There will be a third and final book for the series. It is currently notes and outlines, and whereas writing is more my hobby and I have other life-commitments, it may be a couple of years.

Enjoy the journey!

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1 Response to Book 2 – Finally

  1. Joy Wexels says:

    Great! I was wondering when this would be published.
    I will probably order the paper version, can’t help it.


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