The Sequel

One of the most frequent questions I have been asked (since the release of Before Paradise) is when will the sequel be out?

The short answer is April of 2016.

The long answer is, of course, much more involved.

I’m currently teaching nearly full time (8/10 or 4/5 for those of you who enjoy fractions). I am also enrolled in school to become a licensed librarian. (Did you know there was such a thing? Neither did I until I began the coursework. I should be finished this summer, 2015).

I am the mother of three younger children – all old enough to be potty-trained, but none old enough to drive.

I am the president of the young women organization for church.

It’s a lot right now – almost more than I can handle. My writing hobby, therefore, is on hold for a bit. If you are a fan, and you would like other, non-related reading material to enjoy in the meantime, feel free to browse through some of my other short stories and narrative writing.


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